If you are a business owner and need a reputable company full of master electricians to take care of your power needs then Completely Wired can help. In addition to our residential services, we help commercial and industrial properties with any electrical issues. Here you will find a list of what we can do so you can focus on other aspects of your business

We can handle your service needs, new construction, or remodels in any commercial settings such as:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • And Many more


New Construction and Remodel- If you are constructing a new location or remodeling the current one we can make sure that you are wired and ready for business. We know the code requirements and will handle the entire process from installation of the building wiring all the way through the inspection.

Service Upgrade- If business is booming then you may need to increase the level of electricity in your current space. We can do an upgrade to increase the amount of energy and make sure your employees can keep doing their jobs without having to deal with tripped breakers.

Lighting- How a room is lit can effect productivity, mood and even sales. We can help design, layout and install any amount of lighting for your business. We can also take your design and bring it to life. We can handle any type of lighting including:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Lighting Controls
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting

Preventative Maintenance- Your business can't wait until something goes wrong before fixing it. We can be scheduled for a maintenance checkup where we will service and examine your electrical system which will help prevent potential issues saving you money in the long run.

Low Voltage Wiring- Our expert electricians can handle any type of low voltage wiring including your HVAC control, and light dimming and control, fire alarm, and data.

Solar Power- Some larger business are employing solar technology to help curb the rising costs of energy and help the environment. Utilizing a roof or vacant lot can significantly reduce your energy bill and the amount of emissions caused by your building.

Generator Installation- Accidents and bad weather happen. You shouldn't be caught off guard. Completely Wired can install a generator to power anything from smaller crucial areas like data or refrigerated goods all the way to your entire building.


3 Phase Installation- Large machines need a large power source. Our electricians are fully capable to bring the power you need to run your business through a 3 phase power supply. We can help you with the entire process from permits, to install, and the inspection.

3 Phase Troubleshooting- If your large equipment is off line it can cost you money. You want an expert to come and figure out what's going wrong fast. That is exactly what we can do if you are experiencing trouble with your 3 phase power.

Transformers- If you have a generator you can keep things going, but we can fix a blown transformer to get you back up to full power fast.

Electric Motors/Large Equipment- Not only can we power the large equipment you need to do your job we may even be able to fix the machines themselves. We can help in several ways including:

  • Installing the large equipment in a new build or remodel
  • Starter replacement to get the motor running again
  • Install controls to run the equipment remotely
  • Troubleshoot all other issues

We are experienced and knowledgeable electricians that can handle your commercial and industrial needs. Contact us to tell us how we can help your business today.