Electricity and Data are virtually inseparable. When it comes to installing the technology for your company you want a company that will do it right. Completely Wired's expert electricians can handle all of your data, communication, and security wiring needs.

Telecommunications and Networking in Evansville, IN

We can install cabling for conference systems, telephones, fax lines, and computers to keep you connected with your staff and the world around you. We offer many telecom and networking electrical services including:

Data and Network Wiring- Setting up a network and wiring everything together to work seamlessly can be a big job. We are trained and up to date on all the latest technology and systems to keep your network running and accessible.

Fiber Optics- There have been so many breakthroughs through technology and this is definitely one of them. Cheaper than traditional copper cabling and more efficient, many industries are using fiber optics to improve function and communication. We are fully capable of installing this technology for your business to make you current.

Testing- We can run a check, using network testing equipment, on the wiring and equipment in your network to ensure that it is working properly.

Terminating- Your data communication equipment is capable of starting, maintaining, and terminating a network connection to make sure that the data goes from and to where it needs to be. We can make sure the connection is terminating properly to keep your information safe.

Troubleshooting- Sometimes your network isn't working correctly and the problem could be your wiring. Our highly trained electricians will be able to spot and correct the problem quickly allowing your data to continue on its course.

Our Other Low Voltage Services

Alarm/Security System- Completely Wired is fully capable to install any state of the art alarm and security wiring needs. They will work with you to find out your security and work to ensure that everything works the way it should. They do not offer alarm monitoring.

Video Surveillance- There are many different options for video surveillance on the market, and no matter what your needs are we can help with the installation. From remote cameras that can be viewed from a smart device to a large hard wired camera system linked to a control room our trained electricians can get the job done.

Cell Phone Boosters- Depending on your location you may have a hard time getting a cellular signal. This can be a hassle if you rely on a mobile phone or other smart device, but we can install a booster that will help you pick up a close by cell tower and increase your signal.

Wi-Fi Access Boosters- A large building or office can be a hard place to create a consistent wireless internet signal. Either your staff needs it or your customers want it, but without a signal booster some spots can end up with very slow internet speed. We can install those boosters and make sure that every part of your property has fast access.

Low Voltage Wiring- Many telecommunication and other devices (e.g. AV equipment) can be run on low voltage wiring and our electricians can get it put in and inspected to have you back up and running on low voltage in no time.

Fire Alarm- If you are in constructing a large building, like a hotel, a functioning fire alarm throughout is not only safe, but usually required by law. Completely Wired can handle the fire alarm installation of any size to meet all legal and safety requirements.

Completely Wired is an experienced, knowledgeable company that can handle your data needs. Contact us today to see how we can help your business stay connected.