If you live in an older home or are considering a remodel then you may want to upgrade the current electrical situation you have in your house. Completely Wired can help you upgrade what you have to make room for new additions or just update you to a safe and more efficient system. Usually this will involve one of two upgrades either to your service or changing out an older fuse box for a breaker panel.

Service Upgrade

There are many reasons you could end up needing an service upgrade in your home or business. If there is a greater pull on your home's electricity due to an addition onto your home or a greater number of devices being used you can increase the number of amps to meet the needs. Some of the more specific reasons you may want to upgrade include:

  • New children or growing children are using more electricity
  • Adding a hot tub or pool
  • Building onto your home
  • Extensive Work with power tools
  • You trip breakers often with your current usage

Whatever the reason we can help by increasing the number of amps that can run through your home adding to the number of breakers you have in your panel. This will allow you to run more electricity through your home to meet your growing needs.

Fuse Box Upgrade

Many older homes still have the fuse box that was installed during construction. Even though yours may still function great you might want to get it upgraded to a modern breaker panel. The fuses are becoming increasingly hard to find and may become more expensive over time. Not to mention that changing out a fuse can be wasteful compared to simply flipping a breaker switch back over. We can make sure the switch happens fast and do it right the first time. We work with many older and historic homes to bring them up to date. Our master electricians know the codes and requirements to get your home powered properly.

Let us know if you need an service upgrade or a fuse box changed out. We want to talk with you and see about getting your home up to speed and ready for your future.